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Summernights in echo park. #eastside #losangeles #echopark (at Echo Park Lake Pedal Boats Canoe & Gondola)

A club called Rhonda

Tuesday 45 night at El Prado - Origami Vinyl’s record club

Summer in the city #losangeles #echopark #eastside (at Echo Park Lake)

Newly reopened Lake at Echo Park! #echopark #sunmer #sunday #losangeles #la #eastside (at Echo Park Lake)

Pasadena is poppin! #saturday #pasadena #makemusicfestival (at Make Music Pasadena 2013)

I love everything about this place #thai #losangeles #eastside #eaglerock @joshuaew (at The Pot Thai Cafe)

#pasadena #eastside #umbrella

FYF @ LA Historic State Park Announced

I love the FYF Fest I think it is fun, not pretentious like Coachella and it’s super easy to get to, sometimes music festivals can be a daunting affair, planning on where to stay, who to ride with, where to camp or park. Well at FYF anyone with access to the metro can just hop on the Gold Line to China Town and then BAM! You’re there! Seriously, it’s that easy… 

Tina and I went last year. We waited for it to cool down in the evening, didn’t have to deal with any parking it was incredibly easy. We had a ton of fun. I would definitely recommend it to anyone LA that is interested in music.

Until then if you haven’t been to the Los Angeles State Historic Park you should. It used to be a bog cornfield and now It’s just really nice to walk around and has an incredible view of DWNTWNLA.

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